From what age it is possible to carry heels

From what age it is possible to carry heels

Shoes on heels — a universal symbol of maturity therefore most of little girls seeks to get into such footwear secretly. Unfortunately, carrying high heels at too early age can provoke development of various problems with health.

Heels - pros and cons

Many orthopedists say that children's footwear has to be supplied with a low heel as it promotes prevention of flat-footedness. The height of a heel is recommended to each age. Absolutely small children who only started walking need to buy footwear with heels up to one centimeter high. Girls of preschool age most comfortably feel on heels as height centimeter - one and a half. Girls aged from eight up to ten years can buy footwear on heels up to two centimeters high. And only after thirteen-fourteen years the young young ladies can wear sometimes shoes on heels up to four centimeters high.

Non-compliance with these norms can cause problems with a bearing, lead to a curvature of a backbone and appearance of flat-footedness, the wrong formation of feet and other troubles.

Stability of a heel is of great importance. It is necessary to remember that only two centimeters of a heel can increase load of a spine column of twenty five percent. The safest the heel from four to seven centimeters high, rather wide and steady is considered.

Influence of heels on formation of gait

It is the best of all to explain to the daughter, than carrying too high heels is fraught. It is quite difficult task as teenagers seldom listen to opinion of adults. If your daughter wants to carry heels, offer her models on a platform sole or the platform as such footwear gives support to foot and at the same time not too changes gait. Teenagers can recommend footwear on wide steady heels. They not so strongly injure foot as narrow and unstable, but at the same time allow to master bases of beautiful gait in footwear on heels. It should be noted that too spike and high heels considerably change not up to the end created gait of the teenager. Try to explain it to the daughter, tell that for wearing shoes on hairpins it is necessary to possess a healthy backbone, the created feet developed by basin bones. Doctors recommend to wear shoes on hairpins only after twenty one year when the organism was already completely created. Many women, knowing how not easy to wear heels all day, strictly limit the daughters in the choice of footwear, forcing them to wear gym shoes and shoes on a flat sole. Similar practice most often leads to the fact that girls begin to wear shoes high-heeled secretly from the strict parents, making thus a protest.

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