House childbirth: "pro" and "contra

House childbirth: "pro" and "contra

The childbirth is closer, the more mad ideas visit the pregnant woman. One of them – the idea to give birth houses (house childbirth). Why, you ask, it is mad? Let's look in more detail.

It is quite often possible to hear a talk that house childbirth – is more comfortable for mom and the kid in the psychological plan. Nobody argues with it. Of course, houses you will feel more quietly and more cozy. A word – "in the plate". Besides the spouse who will encourage you will be near. And the child will be born not in state walls, and at home. Wonderful picture, isn't it?

And now let's look at the reverse of the medal.

You carried 9 months under heart of the most expensive to you of the little man, loved it, looked forward to childbirth, with a smile laid a hand to a stomach to feel the first pushes … Now you decided to give birth in house conditions. It is your choice, nobody will violently send you to maternity hospital. Only think what will be if there are any complications in house labor? What will be if, God forbid, you or the kid need the emergency help? Do you realize what is responsibility? And with what it can end?

– to solve house childbirth or childbirth in maternity hospital only to you. I do not impose the opinion at all. I only want you properly to think whether it is worth giving birth in house conditions.Now huge number of maternity hospitals, paid clinics. You can choose both maternity hospital, and the doctor. Do not you want to give birth in usual maternity hospital? Not a problem, it is always possible to sign the contract. From you motes will blow off. You can also take on childbirth of the husband if you feel that you need his help. Everything will pass as you want. Eventually you pay for it money. But! You will be in medical institution where, if something happens, will render you the timely help.

Yes, there are reasonings that earlier somehow gave birth. Without maternity hospitals, without anesthesia, without doctors. My dear, earlier people lived in caves. If now there to send you how you will feel? About what and the speech. You should not compare "then" and "now". I do not think that you want to experiment with the life and life of the baby.

Do not listen to acquaintances who tell a story about successful house childbirth. These are isolated cases. Or you want to check? Do not read reviews of house childbirth on the Internet. Not everything that is written – the truth. I assure you, a half of these stories is written by ordinary copywriters who, perhaps and to happen did not happen in maternity hospital in general. And you will listen to their opinion.

To give birth houses or in maternity hospital – to solve only to you. Also it is not necessary to shift to someone this responsibility. It has to be your conscious choice.

I want you to remember only one thing – life of your child, first of all, in your hands! And depends on you than what it will be farther. Do not experiment, too the high price of similar experiments.

Even if pregnancy takes place perfectly, there are no guarantees that childbirth will take place without complications. Make a right choice!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team