That substitute mother means

That substitute mother means

The problem of infertility extends enormous rates worldwide. Is the reason for that both negative impact of the environment, and genetic inheritance of the person. Fortunately, the reproductive medicine gave a chance to each fruitless couple to feel joy of motherhood and paternity by means of substitute pregnancy.

What is the surrogacy

Surrogacy is a new auxiliary reproductive system. At surrogacy three persons, first of which - the genetic father, the second - genetic mother and the third - substitute mother participate in conception of future child. Conception happens by method of artificial insemination: for this purpose in specialized clinic the ovum of genetic mother is impregnated a spermatozoon of the genetic father. After the procedure of fertilization the ovum is transferred to a uterus of substitute mother. This process happens no later than the first 3-5 days of development of an embryo.

What has to be substitute mother

The first and most important requirement to substitute mother is the excellent state of health. Before becoming substitute mother, the woman of childbearing age is obliged to have complex medical examination and also to have available own healthy child. The recommended age for surrogacy varies from 20 to 35 years. Other requirements are imposed, as a rule, by future parents. For example, physicians can are interested in existence of addictions, some traits of character, education level and existence of worthy living conditions for education of the child.

Advantages and shortcomings of surrogacy

For most of infertile families surrogacy - the only opportunity to receive genetically own child. The second advantage of surrogacy is an opportunity to reveal presence of genetic deviations and diseases at the child even before change of the impregnated cage in a uterus. It became possible thanks to rapid development of modern technologies in medicine. Besides identification of deviations, it is possible to know a sex of future child also.

Whatever fine possibilities of surrogacy seemed, also some minuses are inherent in it. For example, the average-income family will hardly be able to afford this procedure. Costs of medical supervision, the procedure of artificial insemination and payment of compensation of substitute mother sometimes are very heavy. Sometimes cases when after the delivery substitute mother has an insuperable maternal instinct because of which she tries to leave in all ways the baby meet, than creates problems to genetic parents and himself.

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