3 life hacks with flour

3 life hacks with flour

Flour - the unique ingredient which is often used in preparation of pastries. Thanks to flour it is possible not only to knead dough. Flour can facilitate in many respects life when cooking.

Raising of heavy ingredients

Life hack allows to lift such heavy ingredients as raisin, the nuts, a frozen berries going down at pastries. If the stuffing falls down, you shouldn't worry, it can be corrected easily, having mixed dough with flour (cinnamon or cocoa powder - everything depends on the chosen recipe). Then heavy prodkta won't sink.

Protection of pie against cracks

Secret of a puff and gentle basis for pie - cold fat. A desi should be cut not on pieces, and to grate it. Oil shouldn't be mixed with flour, and dough will become ideal. However on a basis for pie cracks for which masking obviously it is worth leaving a small piece of the test all the same can increase. If cracks after all were formed, it is worth mixing water with flour and the received mix to cover ""defect"". Then the basis shouldn't be done anew. 

Oil for pie

To mix oil with the test, it is necessary to kindle it. The kindled oil releases water which, in a layer the turn, mixes up with flour proteins and gluten is formed. Gluten - the substance doing bread or cookies more viscous and viscous. If there is desire to make cookies crunchy, it is necessary to do the return procedure - at once to mix oil with the test not to allow it to thaw. Then desired crunchy cookies will turn out. 

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