How not to allow to take away the child

How not to allow to take away the child

Under certain circumstances the tutorship and guardianship authorities can deprive of parents of the right to bring up the child. Such risk can be avoided if you conform to the minimum requirements imposed to parents.


1. Do not worry about a possibility of restriction in the rights if you honestly carry out obligations for education and keeping of the child. Despite emergence in media of articles about unauthorized actions of bodies for protection of the rights of children, in reality such a case are very rare. Even dysfunctional families where children get on police account, and parents drink, at first are registered and exposed to checks of guardianship authorities, and only in the absence of improvements in a situation business can reach on transfers of children to a boarding school.

2. If your family nevertheless for any reasons appeared on account at guardianship authorities, correctly prepare for their visits. In the house it has to be clean, in the fridge - necessary products. At problems with behavior of the child, for example, if he tends to escapes from the house or even committed offense, cooperate with psychologists of guardianship authorities. It is important to show that you are ready to cooperation and the fate of the child is really important for you.

3. At the conflict with the former spouse for the right of guardianship over children appeal to court for definition of the residence of the child. The application is submitted to district court in a place of registration of the defendant. Specify in the claim what mode of communication with the child you would like to set for the spouse. Also if the facts of behavior of the spouse discrediting it as the parent are known to you and able to interfere with normal development of the child, attach the documents confirming it to the claim.

4. Consider that despite formal equality before the law of the father and mother in questions of guardianship over the child, the court in most cases resolves an issue in favor of the woman. But from 10 years the child can choose with which of parents to him to remain to live. Even if to this age he lived with mother, the father can submit a new claim by which consideration also the opinion of the child will be considered.

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