How quickly to get rid of children's cold

How quickly to get rid of children's cold

In the spring weather changes constantly. The sun heats already strongly, and in a shadow still it is possible to freeze. And often mothers of small children face such unpleasant problem as cold. It arises against the background of reduced immunity after winter and overcooling. For example, the kid sweated in the sun, and after – froze. Viruses in an organism of the child begin to breed actively. And in the late afternoon from a children's nose a stream snivels flow. But if in time to begin treatment, then it is possible to get rid of cold for couple of days.


1. If the child suddenly became whimsical, sleepy, began to complain of pains and tinglings in a nose, then at once begin intake of antiviral medicines. You can use homeopathic remedies or medicines on the basis of interferon. It is necessary in order that the disease did not begin at full capacity.

2. The nose needs to be washed out several times in a day. For this purpose use special hydrochloric solutions on the basis of sea water which are on sale in pharmacies. They can be used since the birth.

3. It is possible also to mix solution for washing of a nose. Just mix 2 teaspoons of salt in a glass of warm water, add couple of drops of iodine there. Wash out by means of the syringe without needle. Hydrochloric solutions help to dilute slime in a nose which can be blown the nose easily. It is also possible to wash out nasal bosoms camomile flowers tincture, it possesses antibacterial action.

4. Inhalation can do by hot and cold steam. For performing cold inhalation you need the special device - the nebulizer where physical solution and medicine is added. Inhalations with hot steam become over the water which is warmed up up to 40 °C with addition of essential oils of a pine or fir. Remember that hot inhalation can be done only in the absence of the increased body temperature.

5. The child at cold has to be in the room with humidity not less than 60%. It will help not to dry up slime in nasal passes. Air the apartment more often and wipe with a damp rag all surfaces.

6. It is better to raise a head restraint of a children's bed. So slime will not accumulate in a throat. For the night in each nostril of the child it is possible to dig vasoconstrictive drops.

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