How to adopt own child

How to adopt own child

The question of adoption of own child most often rises before the fathers who are not married to the child's mother at the time of his birth. The father can make the decision to establish paternity as at the time of the child's birth, and later, and even to that.


1. So, the first that you should make - submit the application for paternity proof. The application is submitted by the father and the child's mother who are not among themselves in marriage, personally in body of civil registration. In case mother is incapacitated, deprived of the parental rights, there are no data on her location and also in case of death, you submit the application. In this case at first receive the consent of tutorship and guardianship authority.

2. You can submit a joint statement on paternity proof as before registration of the child, and later. If till the birth of the child it becomes clear that for any reason the joint filing of application can be difficult or at all impossible, submit the application even during pregnancy of mother. And in this case enclose the document confirming pregnancy to the application. The medical organization in which the woman is observed, or the private medical practitioner can give it. In this case, paternity proof is performed on the basis of this statement at issue of the birth certificate.

3. If for any reason you or mother of the child are not able personally to be present at filing of application, absent notarially certify the signature.

4. In case mother of the child is in official marriage with other person, attach the statement of her husband that he is not a father of the child who was born at his wife.

5. If you decided to register your relations with the child's mother by marriage, adoption will be automatic in case of your consent. In this case corresponding changes will be made to the birth certificate of the child.

6. And, at last, in any of the given options pay state. duty on the state registration of paternity proof.

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