How to awake the baby

How to awake the baby

It is desirable not to awake the healthy and active child for feeding, and to wait when he wakes up and will want to eat. However the premature or weakened kid can sleep many hours in a row, without waking up. It will lead to the fact that he will not receive enough milk and will even more weaken.


1. Observe a dream of the kid before to awake him. There are several phases of a dream among which distinguish a deep sleep and fast. In a phase of a REM sleep it will be easier for child to wake up, and you will need less efforts that to wake him. Signs of a phase of a REM sleep are twitchings of handles and legs, the movement of eyes of the child under the closed centuries, changes of a facial expression, for example, a smile.

2. Remove from a bed a blanket and very gently to a raspelenayta of the kid. Try to undress the child and to replace to him pampers. All this needs to be done, constantly stroking a head and a tummy, at the same time smiling to the baby that not to frighten him. Change of temperature and careful touches are capable to wake most of children quickly enough.

3. Take the kid on hands and press to yourself. For the chest baby the close contact with mom is the main element of knowledge and can cause awakening. Take the child in close proximity to a breast. A low voice start talking to the kid or sing to it a song. When you saw that he begins to wake up, bring the baby to the person and look to it in eyes. The visual contact will promote awakening and will make it more pleasant.

4. If all previous methods were inefficient, try to wipe the child's forehead with warm and damp cotton wool or to massage it gentle circular motions. He by all means will wake up from your such actions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team