How to bring together the child to the camp

How to bring together the child to the camp

Almost all parents should collect the child to the summer camp. You need to put also things so that to forget nothing, and to explain to the child how to behave in any given situation. How to miss nothing?


1. For a start make the list and include in it the most necessary things. It have to be articles of clothing (t-shirts, shorts, linen, a sports suit, swimming trunks or a swimsuit, etc.), footwear (sneakers, sandals, shoes), personal care products (shampoo, soap, a towel, toothpaste and a brush, a hairbrush, etc.). Do not forget about such trifles as toilet paper, handkerchiefs.

2. Surely put warm clothes, for example, a jacket and trousers, a raincoat. They can be necessary not only at bad and cold weather, but also in case campaigns are planned.

3. Do not forget that children are children, and, so some things can be lost therefore it is possible (and it is even necessary) to mark them somehow.

4. It is better to take shampoo in bags since the big bottle will be forgotten or will just pour, soaps put several pieces of the small sizes, too it is better to buy nasal kerchiefs disposable, the child can just lose usual handkerchiefs.

5. The child does not need perfumery, and here sunblock cream, the hat and sunglasses will are very useful.

6. Do not give valuable things and expensive equipment to the camp. However hardly to do without mobile phone and a player. Therefore it is necessary to explain to him that it is necessary to look after them attentively.

7. It is better to place all things in a bag and/or in a road backpack as the child can almost not cope with a big suitcase.

8. Instruct the child about washing of hands before food, toothbrushing twice a day and other subtleties of personal hygiene. Also explain to him that it is necessary to treat documents and money (if you give those to it) seriously and responsibly. It is also necessary to make sure that the child well remembers, what is his name, where he lives as call parents.

9. Of course, it is simpler to collect the child to the camp if it goes there not for the first time. He already knows that it is necessary for it that was not enough. However even if it never was in the camp, then just observe it several days to see that it is necessary for it every day. Does not fill up without teddy bear? Then in a bag it is necessary to allocate the place for a toy.

10. If the child has some allergy, surely warn about it the leader or other responsible person.

11. If the road to the camp takes a lot of time, then apples, purchased pastries, a small small bottle with water will be very appropriate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team