How to brush teeth to children about one year

How to brush teeth to children about one year

Emergence in the kid of his first teeth – the real joy for parents. But not each mom knows that even the very first teeth of the child should be cleaned. And especially, very few people from parents imagine how toothbrushing process. absolutely still the tiny tot, occurs. The kid is not able it is correct to handle a toothbrush, neither to rinse a mouth, nor to spit out water. Actually, to brush teeth to children about one year not so difficult. Though, this process differs from toothbrushing to children of advanced age a little.


1. Process of toothbrushing to children about one year consists in wiping of all oral cavity of the kid the sterile napkin or a gauze moistened in warm boiled water. The adult should reel up a gauze or a napkin on the forefinger and accurate movements to clean to the tot sites behind cheeks, language, gums and, of course, the first teeth.

2. Children can brush teeth about one year also special silicone brush with pimples or a soft bristle which puts on on the parent's finger. Such children's device for hygiene of an oral cavity is on counters of most modern pharmacies and specialized children's shops.

3. The child can brush teeth about one year not only warm boiled water, but also camomile broth. This grass is capable to save an oral cavity of the kid from harmful bacteria perfectly.

4. Since the earliest childhood, even before emergence in the child of the first tooth, mom and dad should take it to the bathroom that the kid watched process by cleaning of their teeth.

5. Parents have to make so that it was interesting to child to brush teeth. This daily procedure should be turned into the real game. Toothbrushing can be followed by an aping in front of the mirror, entertainment with a favourite rattle, cheerful songs and rhymes.

6. It is necessary to brush teeth to the child about one year within two minutes twice a day: in the morning, right after awakening, and in the evening, before night sleep.

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