How to do foot massage to the child

How to do foot massage to the child

Massage is very important for the kid. Stroking his body, you not only develop his muscles, but also let know that you are nearby. The more often parents touch the small child, the quicker and more successfully there is his development. So if you for some reason cannot regularly do full massage — mass at least handles or legs of the baby.

It is required to you

  • - table for swaddling;
  • - bed-sheet;
  • - light clothes for the kid.


1. Begin systematic sessions of massage when the child is one and a half-two months old. You, of course, and before it touched and stroked so you already have some experience. Take care of that conditions were corresponding. The room has to be clean, warm and aired. Better than minutes for fifteen prior to a session to take out the child to other room, to arrange through airing and to allow air to heat up to the put 22 °C.

2. Air bathtubs, so are useful to the kid why not to combine them with a massage session? In particular if behind windows summer. In cold season it is better to cover the child's little body with something easy, having left bared only those sites which you mass at present. If the turn to mass legs came, put a thin baby's undershirt on the kid.

3. Put the kid on a back on a changing table. Begin massage, for example, with the right leg. Put it on the left palm. Right carefully stroke-oar front and external parts of a shin in the direction from foot to a hip. In the same way, in the direction from below up, stroke his right hip. Carry out massage of the left leg of the child. Movements have to be accurate, slow and smooth, but sure. Repeat stroking of 5-6 times.

4. Stroking — the first method which is used when massaging babies. The first several weeks are better for them and to be limited. When the child enough gets used to massage, it is possible to begin to enter other receptions gradually. For example, grinding. Close fingers as though you clamp hands in fists. Wrists have to be weakened. Carry out grinding average phalanxes. Circular motions, in the direction from below up.

5. Having accustomed the kid to grinding, enter a razminaniye. Mass the same parts of legs, as in the first two ways. Turbinal movements, are carried out they by bones of fingers. Alternate grinding and a razminaniye to strokings. The sequence has to be such. Begin a session with stroking, then pound legs, again execute stroking, razminany. Finish a session again with stroking.

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