How to choose to the child equipment upon purchase of the scooter or bicycle

How to choose to the child equipment upon purchase of the scooter or bicycle

Walk by bicycle or the scooter – remarkable and interesting occupation for the child. It not only entertainment, but also sport. That driving was safe, it is necessary to consider a number of the moments. Correctly chosen equipment will save the child from injuries.

Clothes and footwear

The clothes have to sit densely, but at the same time not constrain movements. It is the best of all that it was from the "breathing" fabrics or mesh material and without excess decorative elements.

Footwear has to be by the size and it is convenient to sit on a leg. The sole is preferable with a flat sole from quality material. High footwear for maintaining good mobility of an ankle is not recommended.


It is a basic element of protection of the little athlete. Happens three types:

1.      The closed model with a front arch. Protects both the head, and a face. But seldom meets on sale and costs very much. If the child does not do extreme sports, then it is better to choose option simpler.

2.      This option is made on the following technology: over foam material – a film. The main minus of such helmets – fragility.

3.      The helmets covered from above with plastic are more reliable. They weigh more and worse pass air.

As well as with clothes, it is important to try on any model. A helmet should not dangle or press, and its first line to fall below eyebrows. Inside in it there should not be acting details, it freely has to slide. There are helmets with adjustment on volume. Refuse a helmet if it is damaged or deformed. Small scrapes are admissible, but if much – it is better to change them. Do not buy a second-hand helmet. Damages can be externally imperceptible. It is better to choose model of a bright coloring. So the child will be well noticeable to drivers and pedestrians.

Kneecaps and elbow pieces

Especially these elements are important during training. Protection has to fix joints densely. Velcros should not press, but at the same time strong keep. Check seams and a lining. It has to be soft. Knees – one of the most vulnerable parts of a body when falling. Kneecaps can be on velcros or be put on as a sock. Happen rigid and soft. Tough stronger, but considerably hold down the movement. Do not take protection for growth and update time in two-three years.

Protection of wrists

When falling, wrists are most often injured. Equipment happens two types. In the first case the palm is covered by a plastic bowl, and in - the second – the plate which is fixed by inhalings is imposed. The second option keeps better, but can stick into skin. Anyway, protection has to pass well air and take away moisture. It will help to avoid callosities and natiraniye.

For driving by bicycle it is possible to buy cycle gloves with adjustment. They are long (the brush is closed completely) and are short (finger-tips are open).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team