How to clean ears to the baby

How to clean ears to the baby

Toilet of the kid - the important hygienic procedure which is carried out daily and demands from parents of special knowledge and abilities. It includes also care for auricles of the child. How it is correct to clean ears to the baby?


1. As well as adult person, in an ear of the baby have own filter detaining small foreign parts. Thanks to it, they do not get into sensitive internal departments of an ear. As this filter serves useful natural lubricant – ear sulfur. Know that the ear can be cleaned itself, getting rid of all unnecessary without your help. Old sulfur at the same time is gradually washed away or comes out an ear canal, and meanwhile on its place new is formed.

2. Wash auricles of the baby during daily bathing. After the procedure wipe ears a towel or a diaper. You can use one-two times a week for clarification of an external part of an ear of the baby small zhgutik, twisted from a gauze. Zhgutik you can moisten with baby oil or boiled water. Then just carefully remove the sulfur which accumulated at the exit from acoustical pass, accurately wipe auricles. It is quite enough that ears of the child became clean. You should not do zhgutik of cotton wool to exclude the probability that its piece accidentally will remain in an ear of the kid.

3. Some parents take sulfur for dirt and regularly try to take it from the child's ears. Know that actually in it there is no need. Moreover, working thus, you can only do much harm to the baby. Trying to clean deeply an ear of the baby by means of a Q-tip, you can accidentally wound walls of external acoustical pass and also an eardrum. Besides at such manipulations, sulfur not only will not leave, but also will be even deeper stamped in an ear of the kid, i.e. the cleaning objective all the same will not be achieved. And the formed sulfuric stopper should be liquidated, resorting to the help of the doctor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team