How to convince the child to study

How to convince the child to study

The child does not want to study and no arrangements work. Such situation meets rather often. And for parents it is important to define truly the reasons of such unwillingness and to correct a situation.


1. Find out the reasons of lack of interest in study. Serious gaps in knowledge do not allow the child to acquire new material, and the conflicts with peers will hardly stir interest in study. Talk to teachers. If there is an opportunity, the hireling of tutors that they brought up your child in separate objects. Find talented teachers who will be able to cultivate to the child interest in study.

2. If the child in principle studies well, but is extremely unstable because of laziness or lack of interest, promise to reward it for good study. It can be a visit of cinema, a trip to mountains, a favourite dish of the child. Also you can apply the bans as punishment: to deprive of it the right to play computer games, to meet friends until estimates are corrected.

3. Expand the sphere of interest of the child: perhaps historical movies will awaken interest in history, a performance – to studying literature, and the biography of the favourite athlete will inspire for study. Do not expect from the child of equal interest in all school objects. The humanist will hardly show keen interest in physics or chemistry.

4. Address the psychologist. Also neurosises, mental injuries, the conflicts in school and houses can be the cause of bad study. Perhaps, the child endures a stress in one form or another. The reasons of lack of motivation there can be a set, it is correct to define them and only the expert can prompt levers of impact on the child.

5. You watch that the child fully ate. Low-quality food, a lack of vitamins lead to deterioration in activity of a brain. Sometimes will enough see a doctor that he appointed a rate of vitamins, and the problem of unwillingness to study disappears by itself.

6. Talk to the child about a situation at school more often, do together homework, discuss the studied subjects. Perhaps, he just lacks your attention or it is boring to do homework to one. Especially it concerns younger school students who would prefer to play, idle and dream, than to be engaged in lessons.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team