How to cultivate independence at the child

How to cultivate independence at the child

Since early childhood the parents try to accustom the child to put on, eat, use independently a pot, to lace up boots. This training is frequent it is connected with a certain hassle and children's tears. And is it important? Each normal person, will learn these elementary things sooner or later. Accustoming the child to physical independence, do not forget about independence intellectual and strong-willed. Teach the son or the daughter to make the intelligent choice.


1. It is much more important to accustom children to the independent choice, than to a spoon or a pot. Even if your child is still absolutely small – do not solve everything for him. Provide him freedom of choice. Gathering with the kid for walk, ask where he wants to walk: on the hill or in a sandbox? What jacket to it to put on: red or green? That he wants to eat for dinner: casserole or cottage cheese? Then the child will not be infantile, will learn to make decisions, will get used to think and act.

2. Trust the child small tasks according to his age and opportunities. For example: to help to get and spread out purchases from a bag, to put things in the washing machine. And surely you praise and encourage him even if at it for the present not everything turns out. The kid will feel that you appreciate his help and will want to try still.

3. Encourage the child to gain own experience. The kid disassembles on the spare part the new car not because wants to break it but because wants to learn how she is suited. Allow the child to risk. Of course, reasonably. Try to use phrases less often: "Throw! You will break! You will be soiled! Do not run! Do not jump!"

4. Trust the grown-up kid regular, small, but responsible tasks. For example, let he daily feeds small fishes, waters flowers, pours water in a dog or a cat. Of course, at first you should control the kid, otherwise flowers will dry up, and small fishes can die. Remind him if he forgets. And, besides, do not forget to praise him, tell guests what assistant at you grows thanks to whom such beautiful flowers blossomed on your windowsill.

5. The main thing, be a positive example. The child forms himself on your image and similarity. If you are independent, purposeful and optimistic – the son or the daughter will surely learn positive lessons from your bright example.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team