How to cure a severe cough at children

How to cure a severe cough at children

Cough is considered the most widespread phenomenon at children of younger age. Because of even insufficiently created immunity it so often pursues a children's organism that it is possible to treat him tablets infinitely. But as harmless drugs do not happen, it is worth thinking of alternative methods of treatment which are harmless to the child and are effective in treatment even of a severe cough at children.


1. All respiratory diseases are the main reason for cough. Therefore begin treatment with the main disease. But as cough can proceed still long time, apply from it various means promoting an absolute recovery.

2. For all treatment put on to the child the vest and socks knit from camel or sheep wool. They very well keep heat in an organism, than prevent paroxysmal cough.

3. Daily give to the child the warm vitaminized drinks, for example compote or tea with jam and honey. They perfectly dilute a phlegm, I promote sweating that considerably facilitates a condition of the child.

4. As most often cough becomes aggravated in the evening and at night, do various compresses and the warming procedures on area of a thorax at this time. For this purpose grease a cabbage leaf with honey, apply it to a breast of the child cover with a foil or compression paper and record a diaper or bandage. Leave for the night.

5. Other cough remedy at children is not less effective. Cook potatoes in a uniform. Knead it. Add to it a tablespoon of vegetable oil and 3 drops of iodine. Put the received weight on fabric and apply to a breast to a throat. Cover with a foil longer to keep heat of a compress. In process of cooling remove.

6. To eliminate a fit of coughing give to the child in advance made burned sugar or so the lollipops loved by many children. For this purpose fill sugar (0.5 glasses) in a frying pan, add a little water and you cook, the lasting caramel will not begin to be formed yet. After solidification switch off and let's cool down. Break the received firm weight into small pieces and give to the child during a severe cough.

7. Include in the child's diet rather warm mashed potatoes with a large number of milk. This dish promotes an otkhozhdeniye of a phlegm and it is useful at chronic cough.

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