How to define pregnancy without analyses

How to define pregnancy without analyses

Pregnancy is always connected with feeling of nervousness. Sometimes the woman has no opportunity to visit the expert and to make tests to learn there occurred pregnancy or not. But having listened to itself, it is often possible to guess that there was a conception.


1. At constancy of a menstrual cycle (i.e. the periods come through the concrete number of days), it is possible to define whether days in which there was a sexual intercourse were "dangerous". The ovulation usually comes on 12-16 day of a cycle, add from each party on 2 days. If sexual intercourse got to this interval, then pregnancy is very probable.

2. Trace the state. If morning nausea disturbs, you ail, the weakness, dizziness, it can be signs of "interesting" situation too.

3. The measurement of basal temperature can help to define pregnancy. It is necessary to measure it not in the axillary hollow, and in a rectum. Enter the thermometer into back pass on 2 cm and you hold 3-5 minutes. The procedure needs to be carried out in the morning as soon as woke up, without getting out of a bed. If 3-4 days in a row temperature exceeds 37 °C, it can indicate pregnancy.

4. Carry out survey of mammary glands. Even on small terms of pregnancy the breast nagrubat, there are painful, and nipples hyper sensitive. There can be a feeling of a raspiraniye as though mammary glands increased in volume a little. The breast in the first weeks of pregnancy grows heavy that bring quite notable discomfort at a dream on a stomach.

5. Pay attention to feelings in the field of a basin. At pregnancy the feeling of weight and a raspiraniye can appear. The stomach increases a little because of irregular work of intestines which is caused by hormonal reorganization of an organism.

6. The lack of periods in the put time (at confidence that you have no hormonal failures and gynecologic diseases), as a rule, indicates pregnancy. If a delay more than a week, there are also above-mentioned signs, then, most likely, there occurred pregnancy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team