How to develop the right hand

How to develop the right hand

Important point of training of the child for school is development of fine motor skills of hands. Most of children begin to eat, draw and master writing skills the right hand. But practice shows that often the child by the time of receipt in school badly owns writing skills. Therefore development of motility and the exact movements of the right hand are very important for children of preschool age.

It is required to you

  • - copy-books;
  • - pencil;
  • - game lacing.


1. Copy-books and various shadings perfectly prepare a hand of the kid for process of the letter. The child not only learns to draw lines, dotted lines and figures. He also trains a hand and endurance of muscles. There are different types of shadings. For example, buy the kid a notebook "We draw on sections". This grant will help your child to seize skills of spatial orientation on the sheet of paper in a cage, will teach to copy drawings and figures on points. Shadings are issued on various age categories. The simplest teach the kid to draw parallel, horizontal and inclined lines in the form of a game. The child will draw a grass, footpaths or needles at a hedgehog, even without suspecting that so he is trained for school and the letter. Use a soft pencil for drawing. Also you watch the correct pose of the child and the correct keeping of a pencil fingers of the right hand.

2. The excellent assistant in development of motility of hands are lacings. By means of lacings it is possible to develop not only hands, but also thinking, attention and the speech. A cheerful game will not allow the kid to miss and be tired. There is a huge set of lacings. From simple (a hedgehog and mushrooms), to difficult - didactic games it seems "A garden - a kitchen garden". In it there is a field of a kitchen garden and vegetables which need to be put by means of a lace. In the second option on a fruit tree it is necessary to hang up apples and pears. The lacing develops the exact differentiated movements of fingers of hands.

3. Finger-type games and logoritmichesky exercises also contribute to the development of motility of hands. It is possible to study a series of movements and then to unite it in one big story. The example of such games can be found in the book by E. Kosinova "the Logopedist's Lessons". Gradually studying simple movements, your kid will learn to carry out and hold various poses of fingers and hands, thereby training muscles of hands. All this will help further by the letter. The hand will quickly not be tired, and exact movements will make handwriting of the kid beautiful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team