How to develop the speech

How to develop the speech

On early development of the child the quality of family education, influences a speech development - the favorable speech environment. These conditions directly influence oratorical abilities which knowledge is useful in adulthood.

It is required to you

  • - Toys;
  • - logopedic classes.


1. Choose outdoor games in which the child can express opinion. Try that the kid communicated with children different age, do not limit it in the choice of friends.

2. You say with it as much as possible, it is desirable not on the run and not between times. Enhance attention, communicate with the kid so that your person was at its level. You speak slowly, you say sounds distinctly.

3. Create silence, at the communication moments it is important. Focus on the speech, create the correct acoustical perception. Do not panic if the two-year-old kid mispronounces couple of sounds. Stock up with fairy tales, consider drawings, you ask the child to show characters - it will be the first logopedic classes.

4. Limit viewings telecasts. The speech from the screen is not turned to the child, does not demand any reaction. The ability to quickly switch attention from one object to another is important for a speech development, and television programs capture the child completely, limit influence of external factors.

5. The quality of a speech development depends on how the child plays. Recover toys, let they will be the presents, create the fairy tale. Play a zoo, imitate voices of animals. Posobirighte puzzles - fine motor skills have a direct impact on speech functions.

6. Place about the room toys, think up a way of acquaintance to them, for example, in their language. Children like to imitate; together you pokorchit in front of the mirror mugs. Smear the child's lips with something tasty, let him poslizyvat it. You not only amuse the baby, but will organize the real logopedic occupation.

7. Choose toys which correspond to age of the kid; let them will be a little, otherwise there will be a loss of interest in all new. The inquisitiveness is one of important factors for the correct speech development.

8. Smile more often, let the kid repeat. This occupation is useful for a facial expression, at the same time teach the child to say the sound ""Y"".

9. Use these exercises for a speech development in children of two-three years. Kids will master new sounds and will begin to speak.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team