How to disaccustom the child to bite other children

How to disaccustom the child to bite other children

After the child had first teeth, he begins to bite actively. It seems to parents amusing. However when the kid bites all around, mom with dad are concerned – whether all as it should be with their child and how to disaccustom him to do it.

Why the child bites?

Psychologists claim that biting - quite natural phenomenon for children. Trying everything on tooth, they learn the world. But you should not encourage or ignore similar behavior of the child. Before struggling with undesirable behavior, it is necessary to find out the cause of desire to bite in the kid.

Biting something or someone, the child experiments. For him there is no difference what to bite – a toy or other child. In such a way it obtains information on a subject. Small children do not understand danger of acts to themselves and people around yet. The child does not know that biting the person, he hurts him.

The child can copy behavior of adults. If the relations between parents are of a gross nature or in family of children punish physically, then the child will quickly acquire such behavior model. The child can bite when he cannot achieve the objective otherwise. For him the sting is a way of establishment of the rules. If the child feels threat from the peer, then can bite for self-defense. It occurs because he cannot cope in a different way with a situation, does not know other way to approve the rights. Sometimes the child by a sting shows the force. Thus he tries to dominate over other children. The kid can bite to draw attention. Perhaps, he receives insufficient attention of parents. If pay attention to it only when he made something inadmissible, he will draw a conclusion that it is necessary to behave badly to capture attention of adults.

What to do to parents if the child bites?

You do not shout and do not beat the child. It is necessary to explain with serious, but quiet tone to it that such behavior is unacceptable, it is not pleasant to you. Abuse bad behavior, but not the child. It is impossible to say to the kid that he bad because bites. If he constantly hears such words in the address, then will begin to think that it is surrounded by angry people. It can aggravate a situation. Do not bite the child in response to his sting, trying to let know to it that it is sick. He will think that to bite is a good way to express the feelings, even mom bites. If you became the witness of the fact that your child bit other kid, show sympathy for bitten. Regret the victim, ask to show the bitten place, focus attention of your child that it is sick. Suggest the offender to stroke a sting, to apologize. Try to cause feeling of pity, compassion in the child. If you see that the child is already ready to bite someone, stop him. Embrace the kid, kiss. Explain that such actions are pleasant to other person unlike a sting. Let it know that there are other ways of manifestation of emotions. Conduct with the child constant conversations on the correct behavior: how together to play with other children how to be on friendly terms how to share toys. You praise the kid for good acts and the benevolent attitude towards people around more often, you give him caress and attention.

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