How to disaccustom to a pacifier of the kid

How to disaccustom to a pacifier of the kid

There is nothing unusual that the kid gets used to some comforter, for example to a pacifier which plays very important role on the first year of life of the baby. But during a certain period of time of parents begins to confuse that their grown-up tot still sucks a dummy. There are several ways to help the baby to wean from her.


1. Keep in mind that the child is ready to leave a pacifier on 6-8 month of the life. But most of parents pass the moment when the baby begins to spit out a dummy and to learn to fill up without it. Of course, it is not necessary to throw out it on the same day as the need for it at the baby is still big. Just remove a dummy far away from the child not to tempt him.

2. Disaccustom the child to a pacifier gradually. Try to reduce duration of use of a dummy. Offer it more rare and more rare until it begins to appear only for the period of daytime and night sleep. Further give a pacifier only for the night, and then at all refuse its use.

3. Help the kid to master a feeder with a tubule or a cup. And give food in a drinking bowl or a plate. Thus the child will quicker forget a small bottle which anyway reminds him of a dummy.

4. Do not offer the kid a pacifier. Give it only when the child persistently demands a dummy.

5. Cut a dummy. And when the child will begin to cry and ask "I suck", explain to him that sometimes things break and become unnecessary. That he grew up and easily can do without pacifier. Empasize that the baby became big and independent, and the pacifier is necessary only to small children who are not able to go. So far your child does not understand that in shop it is possible to buy without effort a new dummy, and will quickly lose interest in "deteriorated".

6. If the child has no need for a dummy in the afternoon, but it is heavy to it to fall asleep without it, try to replace a pacifier with a favourite doll or a soft toy. At first allow the baby to fall asleep in the company of that and another.

7. Try to agree with the child if you disaccustom him to a pacifier at rather age of reason. It has to accept the decision to leave a favourite dummy.

8. Place toys of the kid in the available place. Give it an opportunity to investigate various objects, to draw and mold when he wants it. So the child as much as possible will distract from a pacifier.

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