How to disaccustom to a pot

How to disaccustom to a pot

Most of parents do not know the exact time when it is necessary to begin to accustom the kid to use of a toilet bowl. Usually children are ready to learn to use a toilet after learn to control muscles of a bladder and a rectum independently. Nevertheless, on emotional preparation much more time can leave.


1. It is necessary to disaccustom the kid to a pot after one and a half - two years. At this age you have to organize its first acquaintance to a toilet bowl, but in many respects everything depends on features of your child.

2. Tell the kid that he already grew up, and adults do not use a pot. They have to go to a toilet. Do not forget that the baby in everything tries to imitate the parents therefore in this situation you need to use it and to set it an example.

3. First of all accustom the kid to pour out independently in a toilet bowl contents of the pot and to drain water. Every time you praise the baby for the done work. Remember that many children do not sit down on a toilet bowl as are afraid to fail and think what will wash away them water flow. The child should not think of it. Inspire in him that the toilet bowl is absolutely safe and very interesting device.

4. Small cunnings will help to cope with it to you. Curious children very much like to press a button of discharge and to watch how from a tank water flows. Buy a freshener for a toilet bowl which will paint water in some bright color. Your kid will come to full delight, watching how water will become blue, yellow, green or red.

5. Then together with the child make a visit of shop and buy an overlay for a toilet bowl, special steps or a small stool. It is the best of all to get a stool with the rubberized legs that it did not slide and the kid did not fall. After purchase yours to the baby will surely want to test on itself all new devices.

6. For a start just allow it to sit on a toilet bowl to be trained and get used. Praise it for it. Some parents consider that children more willingly get used to a toilet if to distract them during its visit. It is possible to read the kid the book or to play with him some game.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team