How to dissolve dairy mix

How to dissolve dairy mix

Many mothers have no opportunity to nurse the child, but the dairy mixes replacing breastfeeding can always come to the rescue now. Consult with your pediatrician, he will advise the mix which is the most suitable to you.


1. In the first months of life the kid requires thorough care, special attention should be paid to the correct feeding, otherwise very unpleasant consequences are possible. It is worth understanding preparation of mix carefully before starting the process of feeding. Prepare only fresh mix, never leave mix after a breakfast for lunch.

2. Surely you look at an expiration date upon purchase of baby food. Before preparation surely boil small bottles and silicone nipples that the infection did not get to the child's organism. Surely wash hands.

3. Remember that it is very important to observe consistence of mix, it is impossible to add more powder to water, than it is necessary, in this case you do not satisfy hunger of the child. But it is impossible to do mix too dense, then the kid will suffer from thirst and can even get sick.

4. Observe technology of preparation of children's mix and you will train her quickly and correctly soon.

5. In the beginning it is worth filling with clear water a teapot. Boil and slightly cool water. You watch the required water temperature on mix packing. Specify how many water is required for preparation of one portion and how many it is necessary for dry mix.

6. Fill a small bottle with a necessary amount of water, you look at this time at a measure which is, as a rule, on one side any children's small bottle, and then you will not be mistaken with amount of liquid. Using a special measured spoon, add the required amount of mix to a bottle, only it will help to measure amount of powder correctly. Do not gather a spoon with the hill, it will create the wrong consistence of mix. Remember that you should not put mix "approximately", on bank the exact quantity of measured spoons depending on weight and age of the child is usually specified.

7. After preparation of mix shake a small bottle, track that mix was well dissolved. Before feeding try on liquid temperature on a wrist, it has to be close to body temperature. Cool mix if it is necessary.

8. You do not store ready mix before the following use, it is not sterile and can become the good environment for reproduction of bacteria. If you at first doubt that you will well cope with mix preparation, can buy already ready packaged dairy food in specialized shops, it is usually calculated on one feeding.

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