How to do exercises to the school student

How to do exercises to the school student

Charging is very useful to children. Thanks to it the tone of muscles raises, the bearing improves, the child becomes more dexterous. Morning exercises will help to wake up and go finally in vigorous mood to school.


1. That the child fell in love to do exercises, organize it at the same time. Then for him it will become obligatory morning attribute. Of course, it is better to begin to be engaged from early age, then, having become the pupil, the beloved child will become simple to continue to do exercises daily. It is important that the school student got enough sleep, then he will have forces and desire to carry out exercises. Therefore he has to go to bed in the evening in time. If the child is sick and within 2 weeks after that (if there are no special instructions of the doctor) it is not necessary to do exercises.

2. It will be far more interesting to girls and boys to move to the sound of music. Include the favourite song or the child's melody, let he will begin to give pleasant loading to muscles. There are enough ten repetitions for each exercise.

3. Let at first the school student will execute rhythmical steps to the sound of music or without it. For this purpose he can bypass the room on perimeter. If there is not enough place, walking on the place will help out. In 3 minutes it is possible to begin easy warm-up. A back – one of the most vulnerable zones of the pupil. If her muscles are weak, almost daily sitting behind a school desk can lead to a backbone curvature. Therefore special attention when developing exercises for gymnastics of the school student has to be paid to a back.

4. The first exercise after walking is directed to humeral department. Costing a starting position (Nominative), a foot are up to standard of shoulders. Let the youth will bend hands in elbows, will lift brushes to breast level. Now it is necessary to try to connect shovels, parting at the same time elbows in the parties.

5. The following exercise for the school student will help to strengthen sacral department, lumbar muscles. Hands on a belt, legs direct are nominative, are at the level of shoulders. The left shoulder goes to the right side, right, to a back. That is the child carries out turns by a trunk in one and in other party, I alternate these movements.

6. Let the young athlete will sit down on a floor, on a rug. Costing exercises have to alternate with exercises lie and sitting. Nominative lying, hands behind the head. Now the child will feel the true bicycle racer, he will imitate torsion of pedals. Such occupation to many children to liking therefore it is carried out with pleasure.

7. After the cyclist let the youth will try to turn into a mill. Nominative standing, legs at the level of shoulders, the trunk is inclined down at an angle in 90 degrees, the right hand is lowered down, left is extended on the left, parallel to a floor. Now position of hands changes in accuracy to on the contrary – left below, right is extended to the right. Hands are blades of a mill. After ten such moves it is possible to finish charging, the school student needed to run about within 3-4 minutes on perimeter of the room or on the place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team