How to eat mother nursing the child

How to eat mother nursing the child

The nursing mother should refuse for some time favourite products in order that her kid felt perfectly. How should the nursing mother eat?

At the available restrictions in a daily diet of the nursing mother to make the menu containing enough nutrients and minerals, quite really. It is necessary to consider the recommendations of experts only by its drawing up.

The first weeks of life of the baby are difficult for him. During this period he has to correctly learn to eat. The child has to receive useful substances, necessary for development, from mother's milk, at the same time not react to the harmful elements getting to its organism.

Therefore it is important that the menu of the feeding mummy was the most harmless to the baby during this period. The quality of the consumed food the nursing mother affects structure of her breast milk.

General principles of the menu of the nursing mother

The menu when breastfeeding has to be:

  • High-calorific, i.e. to be 500 kcal more, than at not nursing women.
  • For providing the child with necessary nutrients the feeding mummy has to eat various products.
  • With the large volume of liquid. For the feeding mummy the daily volume of liquid has to exceed standard almost twice.

Concrete products of the nursing mother

In the menu when breastfeeding there have to be low-fat grades of meat: 

  • bird, pork, veal;
  • various dairy products;
  • main source of calcium: fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit;
  • various grain: buckwheat, rice, oat, millet and others.

However the use of food has to be reasonable, without overeating. Also at the use of any product for the first time after the delivery it is worth paying attention to reaction of the baby. If any allergic manifestations were found, it is worth refusing it till the best times.

Dangerous and undesirable products for the nursing mother

Dangerous products when breastfeeding are fat, smoked and salty dishes and the containing large numbers of spices, onions, garlic. Their use by the feeding mummy will influence change of tastes of breast milk which will not be pleasant to the kid.

It is better not to use sweets, grapes, confectionery when breastfeeding. These products ferment in intestines.

You should not abuse tropical the fruit capable to cause allergies in babies. It is necessary to remember that chocolate, peanut, strawberry, shrimps and crayfish are the strongest allergenic products which are contraindicated to the nursing mother.

Also it is worth taking care of selection of the individual menu based on allergic reactions of the baby.

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