How to enter a feeding up to the baby

How to enter a feeding up to the baby

Introduction of a feeding up to babies is one of the important stages demonstrating transition of the child to the new level of development. Excessive haste in this question can promote developing of an allergy and diseases of digestive system therefore acquaintance of the child to new products needs to be carried out carefully.


1. Introduction of a feeding up depends on on what type of feeding there is a kid. Breast milk most satisfies all requirements of the growing organism therefore to hurry with new products for the child raised by mom's milk is not necessary. It is possible to diversify a diet in 5-6 months. To children who are on artificial feeding to enter fruit, vegetables or porridges it is possible since three months, but it is the best of all to consult in this occasion with the treating pediatrician. He knows what condition of digestive system of the kid and can recommend a concrete type of products and term of their introduction.

2. Most often porridges recommend to the children who are badly gaining weight. They in the greatest measure cope with this task. Fruit with pleasure are eaten by all kids, and vegetables well suit those who have problems with a chair. After a choice is made, it is necessary only to buy the corresponding baby food or to prepare it independently.

3. Introduction of a feeding up to the child begins with small doses. As the first test puree or porridge on a teaspoon tip in the first feeding is given in the morning. It allows to track reaction of a digestive tract to a new product. If indigestion or skin rashes is not observed, then next morning the portion increases to the teaspoon size. Gradually she is carried to the volume allowed the child at the earliest age.

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