How to enter apple juice into a feeding up

How to enter apple juice into a feeding up

Opinions on whether to begin a feeding up with juice, differ though only several decades ago pediatricians recommended them as the first products for the child. Today many consider that so you should not hurry, and before a feeding up the mothers need to learn its certain rules.

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1. Buy juice in shop or make independently. With ready baby food it is much simpler to organize the child's meal as it is possible to be sure that apples from which it is produced did not contain hazardous substances. A lack only of rather high price of one package if to consider that at first the child needs the minimum quantity of juice, and it is possible to store an open package only day, then parents should finish drinking expensive juice.

2. If time allows and near at hand there are fresh apples which are grown up by the hands, prepare juice independently. It is very simple and quickly enough. Well wash up apple, grate it on a plastic grater and wring out juice through sterile bandage or a gauze. In pure form such juice which is too concentrated therefore dissolve it with boiled water one to one. The fresh wrung-out juice keeps the useful properties within 30 minutes therefore prepare it just before the use.

3. Begin to enter juice in small doses. For this purpose offer the child in morning feeding no more teaspoon of a product. If during the day allergic manifestations on skin did not occur, next day the dose increases a little. In 30 grams the portion of juice is carried to the first age norm in a week. Before entering apple juice into a feeding up, you remember about volume, the child has to drink 100 grams of juice only in a year therefore it is impossible to abuse its quantity.

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