How to enter porridges into a diet

How to enter porridges into a diet

Learning the world, the child is ready to taste all objects surrounding it. Therefore children are always glad to new dishes. But their digestive system is imperfect, and it is necessary to enter into a diet new products carefully.


1. It is necessary to enter porridge into the child's diet from 5 months. But you determine this term for your kid far more precisely. Observe his behavior: if the child often asks to eat, he lacks breast milk, then it is time to think of a feeding up. You should not try new dishes after a disease or the done vaccination. The organism of the kid already has a stress, you should not give it excess loading.

2. Choose a type of porridge with which you will acquaint the child first of all. Semolina, familiar since childhood, does not approach – modern nutritionists unanimously decided that this food for the child is rather heavy. It is necessary to pick up porridges which are easily acquired and do not provoke an allergy. Buckwheat, from it is such and it is necessary to begin. Then it is possible to give rice porridge, porridge, wheat, porridge from cornmeal.

3. Now it is necessary to resolve an issue whether to cook porridges independently, or to buy special nurseries. The last guarantee qualitative structure, but increase risk of an allergy. To cook porridges independently quite troublesome, besides using "adult" grain, you cannot guarantee their quality.

4. Special children's porridges are among products of different producers - for example, Hipp, the Baby, Humana, Heinz. Pay attention that porridge has to be nonmilk. Milk is difficult acquired too and sometimes causes allergies. Milk porridges can be given closer by a year. One more important criterion – lack of gluten. As a rule, producers report about it on packing by a noticeable badge.

5. Porridge, as well as any other feeding up, it is necessary to enter gradually. Begin with one spoon, next day offer the child two, then - three and so on until your kid begins to eat about 200 g of porridge a day. It is better to offer this dish to the child in the first half of day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team