How to facilitate toxicosis at pregnancy

How to facilitate toxicosis at pregnancy

Many girls consider that at pregnancy surely there is toxicosis which causes many inconveniences. But it not so. The pregnancy proceeding without any complications will present to future mom only positive emotions.


1. Toxicosis is grown white on two groups: - early; - late. Some face only early or only late toxicosis. It is especially individual process which cannot be predicted. Most often late toxicosis develops at girls who are pregnant for the first time, begins, approximately, by 40th day of pregnancy and most often in itself disappears.

2. In case of early toxicosis the "symptomatic" treatment which is performed only as a last resort is used. It is necessary to watch the food strictly: eat food, digestible, rich in vitamins. Eat slightly warm food (it is acquired much better, than hot food) it is frequent, small portions. Drink not carbonated mineral water.

3. If nausea is felt, it is possible to eat pear, apple, a kiwi or drink fresh juice from apples, grapes, orange. The positive effect at nausea is rendered by a cranberry, cowberry, currant.

4. You can use a national method: slowly chew a root of ginger and wash down it with mineral water. If you have no fresh ginger, it is possible to eat 1/3 teaspoons of the ginger dried and too to wash down with mineral water. It is also possible to add ginger to tea tea leaves.

5. Regularly make small walks on fresh air, so that you did not overtire.

6. Also the segment of a lemon or tangerine helps to lower nausea, but here it is necessary to be careful – a citrus can strengthen toxicosis symptoms only. Try to bring in the day food allowance more proteinaceous products (grain, bean, sunflower seeds, nuts, fish, meat and dairy products).

7. Having woken up in the morning, do not do sharp movements. Lying in a bed it is necessary to eat a few nutlets or cookies. If you for a long time leave the house, take cookies or an apple. To remove symptoms of toxicosis, it is possible having eaten, something salty: crouton, sauerkraut or pickle. After you ate it is desirable to have a rest, lie down a little a couple of minutes. During toxicosis try not to use greasy, cold, spicy or hot food.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team