How to endure labor pains

How to endure labor pains

Labor pains are muscular contractions of a uterus. During this process the child moves ahead on patrimonial ways. Feelings which are experienced by future mom at these moments can be compared to pain at periods, only strengthened in hundreds of times.


1. One of the main mistakes of women in labor during the fights – panic and fear. It seems to the woman that now will break off her on a part from intolerable pain, and she begins to shout, rush about on chamber, to demand anesthetic or to make by it Cesarean section. And if so it turned out that at the initial stage of childbirth future mom is in chamber one, without constant supervision of medical staff, and at all writhes in hysterics.

2. Therefore easier to endure fights, be prepared for this process in advance. Several months prior to childbirth sign up for special courses or you go to lectures which are given in clinics for women and maternity hospitals. On them you will teach to breathe, do correctly massage of a waist, will show poses at which fights are less painful.

3. If you are afraid to remain in chamber in private with fights, take on childbirth in the husband's partners, mom, the sister or the girlfriend. The partner and you will encourage, and massage of a waist will make, and if necessary will call the obstetrician or the nurse.

4. During the fights it is not necessary to shout at all. Protect forces, they still will be necessary for you. Every time when the new wave of fights rolls think of the child. To it at these moments it is much heavier than to you. Besides shout you block oxygen to the baby. Pronounce lingeringly and kind of inside sounds of O, U, I better. It is also important to breathe correctly during the fights. Right at the beginning it is necessary to take deep breaths, and at peak of a fight – short and abrupt (still speak, to breathe like a dog).

5. Instead of straining and concentrating on pains, relax. For example, it is possible to close eyes and to present that you are not in maternity chamber, and swim in the warm sea. And the fight instead of a sea wave – gushed, dipped and released. Some classical music helps to relax. Therefore it is worth downloading in the phone quiet melodies in advance and not to forget to take earphones.

6. Water procedures also help to facilitate fights at an early stage of childbirth. Today in many maternity hospitals there is an opportunity to take a shower therefore do not neglect this way. Direct a warm water jet to a waist – it will help to take off pain.

7. You do not lie during the fights. You go more, it will help a uterus to reveal quicker. Also look for poses at which pain is felt less. It is easier for one to postpone fights jumping on a fitball, another being on all fours, the third squating.

8. In fights it is also important to do not pass attempts. As soon as you strongly wanted in a toilet on big, call the obstetrician if at this moment it is absent nearby. Just about you give rise to the crumb. As a rule, attempts at most of women are painless. Here the main thing to listen to councils of the obstetrician and it is correct to make an effort – not to strain face muscles, and to direct all forces in a basin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team