How to remove toxicosis

How to remove toxicosis

In search of a solution of the problem of how to facilitate toxicosis during pregnancy, there are many future mothers. Universal ways just do not exist as each pregnant woman is individual. But at observance of the general recommendations to make a fortune more comfortable it is quite possible.

It is required to you

  • - mineral water,
  • - lemon,
  • - mint.


1. When toxicosis arises right after awakening, do not hurry to get up. Since evening put a glass of mint tea or a piece of a lemon before a bed. These products accepted on an empty stomach will help to cope with nausea.

2. Reconsider a diet, having excluded heavy, spicy and greasy food. Eat more often, small portions and only what is wanted. If dairy products, so necessary during pregnancy, cause acute aversion, up to nausea from only one smell, that is them with a great effort does not follow. Drink more clear water as because of vomiting the organism feels dehydration. Water can be replaced with green tea, dogrose broth, camomile infusion. The aerated lemonades emergence of allergic reactions at future kid.

3. In intervals between meals the resorption of a segment of a lemon, cubes of mint ice or lollipops with this taste will help to get rid of toxicosis. Have these products near at hand to reduce nausea at early stages. Some are helped by consumption of natural mineral water, but only to that which is sold in pharmacies, but not realized as usual drinking in supermarkets.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team