How to grow roots at phalaenopsis

How to grow roots at phalaenopsis

Quite often flower growers face that roots of plant are damaged. And for epiphytes which phalaenopsis are it is almost equivalent death. Because of specific conditions of keeping of such plants to grow them new root system it is very problematic. It will demand some efforts, but if everything is made correctly, the plant will recover.

It is required to you

  • - moss sphagnum;
  • - haydite.


1. Cut off the damaged roots. Also cut off deflowered peduncle to the first live kidney and excess leaves. It needs to be made in order that roots received as much as possible moisture and nutrients. Powder cuts with pounded coal that through them pathogenic bacteria have not got to plant.

2. Prepare suitable substrate. In this case bark will not approach as roots will not be able to receive from it moisture. And if, trying to increase humidity, excessively to moisten bark, you will create ideal environment for development of mold and bacteria. Best of all the moss sphagnum will approach. You can choose as both dry, and live.

3. Take plastic pot for cultivation of orchids of the suitable size. You will also suit big plastic bottle with the cut-off top.

4. On bottom place haydite. It has to occupy not less than one third of pot. Haydite has to be large not to absorb too much moisture. Sprinkle it water from spray a little.

5. From above place sphagnum. Previously it needs to be humidified slightly. If it has turned out too wet, just wring out it or leave for some time that it has dried up. When using fresh moss pour on pot bottom small amount water.

6. Before placing phalaenopsis on sphagnum, keep its some time in water solution with stimulator.

7. Make deepening in moss. Place in it plant. On each side make sides of sphagnum. If moss dry, cover plant roots a little.

8. Pot with phalaenopsis place in warm (about 21 wasps) the lit place. Good the place will become the battery. In this case you will need to cover capacity with plant to create inside the suitable humidity and to save it from influence of dry air of batteries. Provide to plant not less than 15 hours of light.

9. Sprinkle sphagnum only at the edges. If substrate consists of dry moss, slightly humidify also surface. It is important not to pereuvlazhnit it. If you use live moss, then will add just periodically waters enough. There will be enough natural humidity.

10. Be not afraid if big leaves begin to dry up and will fall off. It comes from the fact that the damaged roots cannot provide them with necessary amount of moisture. As soon as the plant begins to come to life, it will give new leaf.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team