How to buy the welding machine

How to buy the welding machine

One of the most demanded devices for performance of work on economy – the welding machine. It is possible to connect armature to its help; carrying out filling of the base, to attach loops to gate; to build brazier; to repair water pipe; to make window grates. And it is only part of the list of tasks which can be solved by means of welding.


1. The choice of the welding machine depends on that for what welding of materials it will serve also from the sum which you are ready to spend for purchase of the device. If it is going to perform simple works with ferrous metal, for example, cutting of channels or welding of corners, it is not necessary to buy expensive and powerful device. One more condition of the choice – period of operation of the device. Buying the unit for long works, surely get acquainted with technical characteristics of different categories of devices. At the same time pay attention to indicator of "PV". For the household equipment of PV has average value of 15 - 20%, for professional – it is not less than 60%.

2. The welding transformer of alternating current perfectly will be suitable for works with ferrous metal. For welding this device uses the melting metallic electrodes. The design of the device is rather reliable, it allows to weld metal with an overlap and end-to-end. This transformer is not expensive and quite simple in use. Electrodes for it have fluoric and calcium, or rutile covering. Continuous adjustment of current intensity in the device allows to choose operating voltage depending on type of the used electrode.

3. The welding machine of direct current gives the chance to work not only with black, but also with non-ferrous metals. The arch given by this unit is more constant. This device is widely used in the work by professional welders, for homeworks it is better to buy simpler device.

4. The devices working in the environment of inert, or active gas are intended for performance of semi-automatic welding. The semiautomatic device well is suitable both for car repairs, and for domestic needs. Distinctive feature of the device – convenience in operation and high performance. The device can work not only with gas, but also without its use. In the second case the flux wire is required.

5. Wide popularity was gained recently by pulse inverters. The main advantage of this device – lightweight and small dimensions. Despite it, the performance of the equipment remains rather high.

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