How to keep azalea

How to keep azalea

Azaleas call group of the evergreen bushes belonging to sort rhododendron. These bushes are rather exacting to cultivation conditions, badly transfer sharp change of temperature and air humidity, reacting to stressful factors dropping leaves and buds. But the affected plant can try to be saved.

It is required to you

  • - "Epin-ekstra";
  • - "Zircon";
  • - wood charcoal;
  • - soil for azaleas.


1. In spite of the fact that during the winter period the azaleas need the lowered air temperature, the plant acquired in the winter in flower shop can manage to freeze in the course of transportation. That it did not happen, place pot with flower in package, inflate package with air and tie mouth. For improvement of heat insulation put package in cardboard box and fill with crumpled paper space between package and walls of box.

2. If azalea has frozen slightly in the course of transportation, spray plant with the medicine "Epin-ekstra". You will need five liters of water and one ampoule of medicine for mixing of mortar. In the course of spraying you watch that liquid did not get on flowers, and after processing cover azalea with transparent plastic bag. Edges of package can be pressed to edges of pot elastic band or cord. Every day remove package and air plant.

3. Processing of "Epinom-ekstra" can help azalea which has begun to dump leaves under the influence of draft, dry air and sharp change of illumination.

4. The azalea can suffer from lack of the moisture which is quickly evaporating from disproportionately small pot in which has been acquired. That it has not occurred, pass flower in the capacity of slightly bigger size. Fill the space which has remained between earth lump with roots and walls of pot with soil for azaleas or mix from part of sand, part of peat and two parts of the coniferous earth. The root neck of plant after transfer has to remain at former height.

5. If at the replaced plant leaves have begun to blacken, it is quite possible that the superficial root system of bush has been damaged. It can result also from overwetting. Such plant is recommended to replace with full replacement of soil and cutting of the damaged roots. Powder cuts with powder of wood charcoal and cut off azalea branches in the same proportion, as root system.

6. Spray plant with the cut-off roots solution of the medicine "Zircon". On ten liters of water one milliliter of medicine will be required.

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