What to play with the child

What to play with the child

A certain type of activity is characteristic of the different age period: study, game or work. As a rule, for preschool children the primary activity is games, and for pupils – study. But also for small children, and school students all types of activity can be united in the developing game.

Often parents cannot know what it is possible to play with the child. Try to arrange a cheerful feast for dolls. In particular, for this purpose take old magazines, find in them different pictures with beautiful dishes and then cut out them. It is possible to make small plates which can be painted of cardboard. And then seat dolls for toy tables and arrange them a festive treat.

Be trained together with the child in dexterity and accuracy. Fill plastic large bottles half with water and a ball try to bring down self-made "pins". Or use a container for eggs: put in some cells on candy and, having taken seat at small distance, begin to throw in turn with the child pro-barrels from bottles. Thus, who will get, to that there will be a prize – candy.

Be engaged in flowers - seat, decorate flowerpots or make a flower vase of a jar by means of special paints for ceramics or stickers. It is also possible to play with children the cheerful game "Nonsense". Take a pencil and the sheet of paper and, having closed from the child, you will draw the head of an animal or the character from the fairy tale. Skatyvayete a leaf so that the kid saw only a neck. Then he draws his trunk and twists a part of a leaf with the drawing. And you finish drawing to it legs, and the child needs to draw a foot. Further together you develop a leaf also you look that turned out. Organize a round-the-world travel in the house. Make a cave of a chair and a blanket, and of paper strips – bridges and the rivers, and of a short flight of stairs – high mountains. Pack a small backpack with products and further arrange a halt "on the bank of the small river". Organize a travel to America or China. It is possible to apply different souvenirs to a game – it is just possible to think up from what country you brought them. If you play together with the child, then he will receive the corresponding skills which expand his lexicon, train vigilance and motility. A game will bring up the kid, it will bring together you and still will give a lot of joy not only to you, but also your children.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team