How to make childbirth painless

How to make childbirth painless

As a rule, the pregnant woman looks forward to appearance of the kid. But not everyone is capable to cope independently with pains at childbirth. There are medicamentous and natural ways of labor pain relief.


1. Usually in the course of childbirth apply spasmolysants and non-narcotic analgetics which help to reduce pain during disclosure of a neck of the uterus. They quite effectively act and are harmless to the child, however completely it is almost impossible to anesthetize childbirth with their help.

2. If you are afraid of pains or badly have them (some from pain faint that at childbirth is extremely not desirable), ask obstetricians to make to you epiduralny anesthesia. It is the most widespread method of anesthesia which causes loss of sensitivity below a belt. The dosage of medicines to you will be appointed by the doctor. There are certain contraindications to this type of anesthesia therefore in advance begin to train yourself for ways of independent anesthesia without use of medicines.

3. It is the simplest to prepare itself for the forthcoming childbirth in advance. Well the relaxation technique helps. Sign up for special courses for future mothers, there will surely tell how it is better to relax during patrimonial process. Besides, read more special literature where each step is in detail described.

4. You breathe at childbirth correctly. For this purpose inhale as seldom as possible a short breath, and do an exhalation long. You breathe thus at the time of approach of fights, in breaks between them you can breathe as usual. If you for several months before childbirth train breath, you can not breathe at all during the fight – it considerably reduces pain. Sing songs during severe pains, but so that you had not to inhale often. You do not shout, so you not only worsen the health, but also will deliver efforts to medical personnel.

5. If you give birth together with the husband, ask it to make to you massage in buttocks, a sacrum and hips – it will significantly reduce pain and will help you to relax.

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