How to overcome toxicosis

How to overcome toxicosis

At most of women the pregnancy is followed by nausea which can arise at any time. Toxicosis – feeling not from pleasant. This temporary phenomenon most often passes by third month of pregnancy. Habitual favourite food exudes intolerable smells, there is a feeling of fatigue and drowsiness, nausea and vomiting develop. Toxicosis can be caused by digestive tract diseases, physical or mental fatigue, a hypertension, diabetes and even excess weight.

It is required to you

  • Quiet way of life, healthy nutrition, good dream, walks in the fresh air.


1. You remember, the your way of life will be quieter, the less you will be disturbed by toxicosis. Try to avoid various disorders and stresses.

2. Completely reconsider a diet. Eat properly and variously. Accustom yourself to eat on time. Do it often and gradually. Try to use more proteins. Do not forget to accept vitamins.

3. Avoid products from which to you it becomes bad. Do not eat dishes which smell and a look is unpleasant to you. Listen to the organism, he will prompt that it is necessary for it and it is useful. Exclude from the diet food with a pungent and pungent smell.

4. Do not forget to use necessary amount of liquid. Drink more than vegetable, fruit and berry juice. Soups and broths are very useful. Eat the fresh fruit and vegetables containing liquid in a large number. They are vitamin-rich which are necessary to you and your kid.

5. You do not bring yourself to a hungry state and do not provoke appearance of nausea. Remember that the empty stomach very often serves as the cause of nausea. You hold always near at hand croutons, salty cookies, nuts or raisin. They will quickly eliminate feeling of hunger and will save from nausea.

6. Having woken up it is not necessary to rise at once from a bed in the morning. Slightly lie down, drink a glass of tea, juice or water and only after that slowly and quietly rise.

7. It is very important to sleep well. Sound sleep will help you to cope not only with toxicosis, but also with fatigue and slackness. If during the day there is desire to have a sleep – do not refuse to yourself. If you have no opportunity to fall asleep, then just lie down several minutes blindly.

8. Walk more often. You spend more time in the fresh air. Attend various actions. Communicate with friends and relatives. Fill the life only with positive emotions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team