How to decorate with daisies the house

How to decorate with daisies the house

In anticipation of New year the expectation of magic and miracle becomes especially strong. That this feeling did not abandon you after unlucky day, decorate the house with daisies. Then, returning from work or study, you will feel that coming home, plunge into the fairy tale.

It is required to you

  • - various daisies.


1. Attentively examine the house outside, choosing the allocated fragments which can be decorated. Windows, columns, hoods, ladders, straight lines of roofs and even trees of beautiful form will be suitable for these purposes. Thanks to play of light the usual parts will appear in new, bewitching look.

2. Surely decorate the evergreen plants growing on your site (if they are available). It can be fir-tree, pine, larch or juniper.

3. Hang out bright daisy along fence to create harmonious magic image of all yard.

4. Illuminate by means of garden lamps of path and footpath. Light has to be quiet, muffled.

5. Surely take care of own safety. For this purpose, before starting mounting of daisies, check whether everything connections are isolated, whether there are no bared sites of wire. On sale it is possible to meet the photorelay. It is the device for power saving which automatically includes bulbs with nightfall and extinguishes them from the dawn.

6. Take an interest at neighbors whether bright illumination of yours prevents at home them to sleep. In case of discontent from their party, you extinguish bulbs with nightfall. Darkens early in the winter therefore to enjoy blinking of sparks during the evening of time enough.

7. Use for decoration of the house light figures, light tapes and threads, daisies grids, fringe, bulbs, imitating icicles and snowflakes. The huge choice of the decorating fires will help you to create unique festive image of the house.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team