How to force the child to brush teeth

How to force the child to brush teeth

The correct and regular leaving helps to keep health and beauty of teeth. It is necessary to accustom the child to this procedure as soon as possible. Even milk teeth need daily clarification.


1. Set the child a personal example. Before forcing the kid to pick up a toothbrush, interest him. Take him to the bathroom every time when you want to clean teeth. The child has to realize that it is a natural daily habit. It will be better if that adult whom the kid obeys more and to whom tries to imitate sets a personal example.

2. Help the child to clean the first time teeth. It has to do everything, you only direct his hand. It is important to organize independent process of hygiene. That it was interesting to the child, buy a beautiful toothbrush and safe paste with pleasant taste.

3. If the child is in the age of reason, allow him to choose a brush, a glass and toys which can be taken in the bathroom. The thought that he bought all these accessories itself will strengthen the kid in desire to brush teeth.

4. You brush teeth to a doll or a favourite toy. Let the kid try and studies at you. During the game tell a story about teeth or sing a song. Try to explain in the way, available to the child, to him advantage and need of care for teeth. Draw the informative poster and hang up it in the bathroom - it will strengthen children's interest.

5. Make process of toothbrushing the most convenient for the child. Substitute a small stool to a sink that the kid looked at himself in a mirror and could reach the crane freely. When the child stops brushing teeth, give him the chance to admire result and surely praise it.

6. You treat patiently failures of the child. It is necessary for you at least within a month persistently to control the kid. Do not abuse him for misses, otherwise instead of a natural habit you get unwillingness to brush teeth for many years. Remember that the child reflects your acts and behavior therefore to him your relation to what you teach it to is very important.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team