How to impart taste to music

How to impart taste to music

Expecting the kid, psychologists recommend to surround themselves with beautiful things, good music and positive emotions. Being in a tummy at mom, the child reacts to sounds, intonations of a voice. Perhaps, already then the first rudiments of susceptibility to a rhythm, a timbre and accords are put.

For plants and babies

Most often to future mummies I recommend to listen not too excentric, a moderate rhythm to music: Mozart, Haydn, Tchaikovsky, Greig, Chopin. Special attention in this list is paid to Mozart: rhythmic and tone ratios and melodic structure in its music are so verified that will be agreed with natural biorhythms of the person. That is why Mozart as a panacea, recommend everyone and everything – from the plants which are grown up on a windowsill to babies.

After birth the child can put the same music. And absolutely not necessarily this music has to be classical. If mom – the passionate fan of gothic metal or acid jazz, is not present any bases, skrepya heart, to twist all day "Seasons" of Vivaldi. But usually the child awakens tenderness and softness that will allow mom even among the preferences to find the muffled versions of style.

Swaddling under thrash metal

Already since the first birthdays the child can include easy jazz, a jazz-rock, instrumental, choral music, a country, national motives. And there is even a little hard rock. But only slightly. Let the kid will hear only little by little. Various musical styles will excite in him rich polyphony of feelings. Children's songs, nursery rhymes and rhymes are good for a speech development of the child, for formation of motor skills, storing. Surely sing and dance together with the child under "Let run are clumsy" and "Chiki-pykh-pykh", but be not limited only to it. Show it big, real at once.

Let the child love what is loved by you

Acquaint the kid with the favourite works. Let he will hear that he is pleasant to his mom. You go together to philharmonic hall, a chapel, theaters. Take the first time in a baby sling of the three-months kid on an organ concert in local church or in philharmonic hall. Let you will stay there absolutely not for long, let the kid will fall asleep, but he will fall asleep in waves of the live, getting music. Do not miss also street musical festivals, visits of the Irish pub or the Mexican cafe, take children, hop all together! For education of good musical preferences it is useful for children to listen to natural sounds of the nature also: noise of a rain, surf, thunder roar, singing of birds, fire crash, rustle of a grass. Go on nature more often. Draw the attention of the kid how many sounds are concealed in itself by the wood, the sea. Do not carry away the child bright American mechanical toys with artificial robotic voices. Offer the kid a tambourine, maracases, a pipe, castanets or just covers from pans. Let rattles, rings, investigates. Include a fervent melody and play house orchestra. Be happy together with the kid!

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