How to issue a corridor in kindergarten

How to issue a corridor in kindergarten

The corridor in kindergarten – the important room in establishment as children by a hand with parents pass through it in the groups, it the first catches sight to the people entering the room. How the corridor of child care facility will be issued, the mood in the end result of those who are present at it and work depends.


1. You can issue a corridor of kindergarten standardly and extremely accurately. To hang out in it classical curtains tulles, to paint in cream or pink color of a wall of the room, to lay out a ceramic tile floors. It will be standard, correct, but it is not absolutely cozy. It is a room corridor where the great number of the children loving bright paints and drawings lives.

2. It is possible to bring a variety a classical interior of the children's room, having drawn on its walls with oil or acrylic paints flowers, little animals. Hang out the panel, stands, children's drawings of pupils of a garden framed on walls.

3. Decoration of the room green plantings always advantageously, especially for kindergarten. Put along the corridor pots with climbers which will braid with greens of a window and other parts of the room over time. It is possible to install in a corridor corner a tub with a ficus or a palm tree, a date tree, lemon. Children very much like large green plants.

4. Make a fantastic corner at the end of a corridor where it is possible to construct a lodge for the prince and the princess or to put on a fantastic plot of the old man with the old woman and the broken trough, or to arrange a symbolical pond with artificial frogs, water-lilies and river pebbles.

5. Very harmoniously the walls of kindergarten painted under Khokhloma or decorated with the products, children's toys made in such art style look.

6. Hang out on walls of kindergarten in an applique corridor, the cut-out from color paper, multi-colored tapes with inscriptions, wall newspapers with the faces of pupils, with photos of their works and achievements in a garden, with a photo of the musical, dancing events held in establishment.

7. Invite to cooperation of pupils of schools of drawing and art institutes, volunteers with skills of art painting which could ornament on the approved sketches colourfully walls of the children's room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team