How to issue the diary of the school student

How to issue the diary of the school student

The diary of the school student is a for a long time not boring book with gray pages and an imperceptible cover. The modern printing industry turned this subject necessary for each pupil into a fashionable accessory. Quite often bright registration distracts the child, he forgets that the diary is, first of all, main "document" of the school student which should be filled and conducted correctly. The pupil has to care for it, naturally, but parents nevertheless should check from time to time, how well it at him turns out.


1. According to the provision on uniform requirements to execution of the school diary, the pupil has to do all entries in this "document" by blue ink. All pages in the diary have to be numbered.

2. Make sure that your child correctly issued the diary face, i.e. entered in the respective fields a name, a surname, a middle name, the city of residence, number of school and name class in which he studies. Check whether he wrote down on the necessary pages of the name of school objects and full name of teachers, whether specified information on the out-of-school and extracurricular activities attended by it. Existence of foreign records and drawings in the diary of the school student inadmissibly.

3. In the diary of the school student there has to be information on homeworks at columns of that day on which they are set and also the plan of measures planned for the period of a school break.

4. All estimates of teachers have to be located in the corresponding columns and be certified by the signature of the teacher who gave a mark. The pupil cannot correct and cross out the put-down marks. In case of a mistake the teacher has to make it, having confirmed reliability of correction with the signature.

5. Besides you the class teacher has to watch correctness of execution of the school diary of each pupil. Having compared information in the class register of progress and the diary entry of the pupil and also having noted the number of delay and the missed lessons, the class teacher has to append the signature in a certain column.

6. The diary of the school student has to contain the free counts or pages which are specially intended for notes of the class teacher and subject teachers.

7. Try to look through more often contents of the school diary of the child and also to watch correctness and timeliness of his registration.

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