How to decorate vase

How to decorate vase

One of types of dressing of glass is matting. This some kind of pattern painting very distinguished looks on glass - as though drew hoarfrost. Such beauty can be made independently at home, only a little patience is necessary.

It is required to you

  • Glass vase
  • Cliche
  • Aerosol glue for cliches
  • The delustring paste for glass
  • Plastic palette


1. Before work it is necessary to clean and degrease glass surface of vase which will be decorated. For this purpose any alcohol-containing liquid undertakes, and the vase is carefully wiped. Then the vase needs to be wiped dry.

2. After that it is necessary to apply special aerosol glue on cliche. Aerosol at dispersion is the best of all to keep from cliche at arm's length 15-20 cm that it was evenly sprayed on film.

3. Then at once, very quickly paste cliche on vase surface. If vase of irregular shape, then it is necessary to cut cliche in places where it leaky adjoins to surface and to press densely to glass. Otherwise the delustring mix can flow under it and will damage the drawing.

4. Then paste is applied with spatula on those places which are not closed by cliche. After that paste has to dry within 20 minutes.

5. After that paste should be washed away from vase surface strong water jet. The cliche is removed under water and only too after all paste is washed away. If on vase there was glue, it needs to be washed away too. It was necessary only to wipe the decorated vase dry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team