How to keep the decanted milk

How to keep the decanted milk

Breastfeeding is the best food option for the child which is thought up by the nature. But even when it is adjusted and the kid is not finished feeding by mixes, there are situations when mom needs to leave the house, having left the child on care of other family members. The decanted milk which at observance of all rules can be stored long enough can help in this situation.

It is required to you

  • - the decanted milk;
  • - container for storage;
  • - fridge.


1. Having decanted milk in sterile ware, decide on for what time it needs to be kept. If feeding is planned in an hour or one and a half, then nothing will happen to milk also at the room temperature if, of course, on the street the thirty-degree heat is not necessary. In the fridge the storage of the decanted milk for day without loss of its useful properties is allowed.

2. If long storage of the decanted milk is planned, it is the best of all to freeze it. It is possible to use for this purpose jars from baby food or small plastic bags with clip-on earrings in the form of fasteners. Some producers of goods for mothers realize special containers for milk with the screwing-up cover. On them there are ready divisions with designation of volume that allows to know for sure precisely how many milk is in a container. For storage of food in the fridge they are simply ideal. In the freezer it is the most convenient to use packages as take not enough place. Pour milk in such quantity subsequently to use it at once. It is impossible to freeze repeatedly it as it becomes useless.

3. After milk is poured in a container for storage, attach to it a sticker on which specify date of pouring and volume. This information will be useful as of this date the period of storage of breast milk will be counted.

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