How to learn to leave the child at home one

How to learn to leave the child at home one

In life practically of each family there are moments when children there is nobody to leave. Of course, if it occurs occasionally, then it is possible to ask neighbors, friends, parents to look after offsprings and if absences are regular, for example, mom comes to work how to cope then?

Naturally, the child of kindergarten age is alone strictly forbidden to be left at home, and here with younger school students, everything is much simpler, the main thing to be prepared most and to prepare the child.

For few weeks about estimated day of appearance at work, it is necessary to pass all way of the child from school to the house together, let the child will show crosswalks, traffic lights, will independently open and will close doors and so on. Several days later, allow the child to go independently, being slightly at some distance and controlling his actions to make sure that the kid will cope.

Presently preschool children have mobile phones even. Accustom the child to otzvanivatsya: at an exit from a class and upon return home. It is possible to call up during the day or to communicate by means of social networks. Surely warn that the child always was in touch: that is phone is included and charged.

Forbid to communicate with strangers, to get into someone else's cars, to take sweets and toys and explain how to work in such cases (to return to school, to go with parents of the schoolmate or the teacher, more adult children, with which on the way). Surely tell that it is possible to open doors for only very well familiar people.

If in the neighbourhood there live people to whom you trust, ask them to come to see your child sometimes.

To simplify process of a lunch and its preparation, it is necessary to get the microwave, and I go to leave poured or spread out on plates, then the child himself will be able to warm it. Do not allow the child to turn on the gas stove. To provide the child with hot tea, it is possible to get a thermos or thermosweat.

It is possible to brighten up loneliness of the child of the house and it is necessary, for this purpose provide it with paints, pencils, board games or books, that it is more to it to liking.

Over time it is possible to give to the school student small instructions: for example, to feed a cat, to wash the dishes, to tidy up in the room and other. Do not forget to praise the kid for the work performed on the house.

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