How to open family kindergarten

How to open family kindergarten

In each city of Russia the acute shortage of places in kindergartens is observed. Many young parents, not persons interested to leave the career once and for all, exactly this factor stops from expansion of family. Parents, without wishing to defend till several years in turns, more often give preference to family kindergartens.


1. Let's frankly speak, most similar kindergartens act on the illegal basis. To open legal private preschool institution, it is not enough to create all necessary conditions for children, it is also necessary to pass the mass of instances and to observe the list of requirements.

2. For a start it is necessary to register legal entity. The individual entrepreneurship is not suitable for this business as does not allow to receive necessary certification. Open the bank account and be registered in tax authorities. You remember obligatory payments in the pension fund and quarterly reports. For this purpose employ the professional accountant.

3. Special requirements are imposed to the room for kindergarten. It is possible to calculate the area by the principle - on one child of 6 square meters. You have to have several rooms: a game zone, the bedroom with the equipped beds, the dining room with the furniture corresponding I will increaseto children, kitchen, a laundry, a bathroom with a shower.

4. Special requirements are also imposed to the platform for walks. It has to be at least in 6 meters from the carriageway, to be fenced, planted trees and shrubs. And also to be equipped for active holiday and holding sports actions in the fresh air.

5. After you equip kindergarten, buy necessary toys, didactic materials, bed linen, ware and the equipment, you have to get permission to conducting activity in sanitary and epidemiologic service and fire protection. It is also necessary to confirm the education program and to certify each employee.

6. As you can notice, legally open family kindergarten in the ordinary city apartment, even the big size, it is not possible. Besides, for passing of all instances and payment of taxes, funds are required. And for payback, the cost of stay of the child in your kindergarten has to be not less than 600, and even 1000 dollars a month. Not each parent will be able to pay such kindergarten. For this reason many family kindergartens conduct the activity illegally, earning money and giving the chance to parents to be engaged in the career.

7. To open such family kindergarten, it will be better if you already worked as the nurse or the teacher and got trust and the recommendations of parents. Then you will be able to gather the group pretty fast. You surely have to have a sanitary book. Pedagogical education will serve as additional plus.

8. In group there have to be no more than 5 children. Plan space so that all of them time were at you in the public eye. Employ the assistant who will be engaged in cooking and to help you to look after children on walk.

9. You can organize a sleeping zone in the game room, having bought folding furniture and bedding sets. Remember that you have to not only look after children during the day, but also be engaged in their all-round development. The stock - jump ropes and hoops, brushes and paints, albums and notebooks is for this purpose necessary.

10. Explain to parents of the rule of stay of children in your kindergarten. Discuss the sum of payment and terms at what presence of diseases the child will not be able to attend kindergarten. Tell about a daily routine and agree on the program.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team