How to overcome uncertainty to the child

How to overcome uncertainty to the child

Timid children cause affection in adults, but parents have to understand that the shyness and shyness will prevent the kid to develop and communicate fully them with people around. And further it can result in difficulties in study and to the fact that the child will not be able to defend the position. If you see that the uncertainty becomes a problem for the child, surely help it to overcome this feeling.


1. Do not emphasize in public shyness of the kid, never call him the coward and do not compare to other, more sociable and relaxed children, thus, lowering his self-assessment even stronger.

2. Listen carefully to the child, as often as possible you say to him that you love it and you appreciate. You praise the kid for each his children's achievement, it very much promotes increase in his confidence in the forces.

3. Play with the child of the house in "communication". By means of toys simulate a situation in which constraining hare will learn to be on friendly terms with other animals. Let the kid operate different heroes and speaks for them. Such game will help it easier to find a common language with people around.

4. Do not limit freedom of the kid. Let him learn to make independently decisions and to realize even the most unusual and creative children's imaginations.

5. You walk more often on playgrounds where the child will be some time in society of other children. Do not wait that the kid will begin to play with the peers actively at once. At first walk around, talk about what busy other kids. Construct with it something in a sandbox and if someone from children wants to join you, surely admit it to the company.

6. You teach the child to approach from the youngest age other people, to be represented, offer a new game, to keep up the conversation. Encourage the kid for attempts to come into contact with other children even if they and not really are located to it, explain that you should not be afraid to be rejected, and it is necessary to try to come into contact with other children once again.

7. Visit of kindergarten becomes the real test for diffident children. The first week leave the child in a garden at only several o'clock, gradually increasing duration of its stay in collective. It will facilitate to the kid accustoming to a new situation and will give it the chance to get acquainted and communicate gradually to all children in group.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team