How to bring up happy, healthy and self-assured children

How to bring up happy, healthy and self-assured children

To grow up the child happy, healthy and self-assured – a dream of many parents. Universal recipes for this purpose do not exist, each family goes towards the treasured aim in the way. But some principles are rather universal.

It is required to you

  • - healthy food;
  • - fresh air;
  • - contacts of the good pediatrician.


1. Material benefits play not the most important role in the child's life. But if the lack of toys can be compensated, then without the minimum set of clothes and footwear, nevertheless, it will not be possible to manage in any way.

2. Pay attention to a family diet. Provide sufficient consumption of necessary substances during the day. And here it is better to exclude products with the content of various chemical additives, dyes and fragrances. It is also important not to overfeed the child, not to force to eat more, than he wants.

3. For healthy development you watch a way of life of the child. Fresh air, the sun and physical activity are very useful to children's health.

4. A separate subject in a health issue – interaction with children's doctors. Such children who are not ill do not exist. In most cases, the organism can cope with the slight illnesses – cold, flu. Unfortunately, some doctors consider it necessary to appoint the big list of drugs in such situations when it is possible to do without them. And use of drugs not always is useful. Therefore try to choose good doctors for the kids, consult on acquaintances. In the first reception discuss an issue of minimization of medicinal interventions.

5. Self-confidence is provided rather simply. It is enough not to prevent undertakings of the child and to respect his aspiration to knowledge of new. If the kid masters any new skill, be ready to help it, but you do not say that you know how it is correct to make. Just you are nearby to prompt something if it is required. Sincerely enjoy any, even insignificant, in your opinion, achievement. For the child it always – big break.

6. Pay attention to your relations with the husband. Children copy behavior of parents therefore if in family show mutual respect, then the child will feel confident.

7. Happiness – too extensive concept to argue on how to achieve it. The main thing – you love the child, care for it, respect his rights. And the kid will surely answer you with the same.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team