How to prepare and carry out a birthday of the child

How to prepare and carry out a birthday of the child

Children very much love holidays. And a birthday is the biggest holiday as it is followed by a large number of gifts, joyful mood, guests and festive treats. Parents want to make this holiday special and memorable.

In order that the child for a long time remembered the celebration of the birthday, parents have to try and prepare for it in advance. The benefit that now for this purpose there is a mass of opportunities.

Preparation for a holiday

By a birthday of the child it is possible to decorate housing, having made it elegant and festive - or the room of the child if there is that. The simplest is, for example, to buy multi-colored spheres and to hang out them on all house (room). It will be even more interesting if balls manage to be filled with helium (it is possible to buy a barrel in shop). Then they should not be clung for something. Flowers from balls will interestingly look.

Very beautifully and elegantly corrugated spheres from paper which can be made together with children look. But if there is no such desire, then they can be got in shop too. The interior of the room can be decorated with multi-colored garlands, bright pompons and chains, various tags. It will be possible to leave this jewelry for New year.

Now many parents do not want to bother cooking for a holiday and order a children's holiday at restaurant, cafe, bar, etc. But, if you after all decided to spend a birthday of the child at home, then it should be thought over too. For example, to begin with what should be discussed with the child who will come to him to a celebration and to prepare invitation cards. They can be bought, and it is possible to make them the same color paper, having pasted on it interesting pictures. To buy beautiful cards in shop and to sign them.

Carrying out

The celebration of a children's holiday should not come down only to well arranged, tasty table with a cake. It should be organized too. For this purpose to prepare, for example, the same games which would not allow children to miss. It is not a problem: they can be found in network. To pick up those which will suit your child on age and on character. Parents can hold games. If there is such opportunity, it is possible to invite the special person - the animator.

It is only necessary to remember that games have to be cheerful, easy. They should not cause disappointment in the child. All children love focuses. Include this element in the program of a holiday. You can learn several focuses, and it is possible to teach the child and he will show them to the friends. 

Do not forget about guests! For the child important as his friends will react to how mom with dad organized his birthday. Surely prepare for them some surprises, small presents.


Well and, of course, the important component is a table.

Here it is necessary to remember that the children's table significantly differs from an adult table. If you little in it understand, then address the expert. Do not "pile" everything on a table. It is impossible to assume at all that children overate during the birthday. Dishes have to be easy and small, differently it is possible to spoil everything that you with such work prepared if children overeat and will begin to complain of stomachs. Carefully select drinks, remembering that many of them are contraindicated to children in general, for example, carbonated drinks.

End of a holiday

Everything has an end. Often children are upset and do not want to leave a cheerful holiday. That it was not so sad, prepare for them finally something interesting that could please them in conclusion of action: present them small presents, it is possible to suspend the same balls in the hall and at an exit to give everyone on a ball or to present that which he will choose.

Dream, and then your child for a long time will remember the birthday and will be very grateful to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team