Useful set of exercises Surya Namaskar

Useful set of exercises Surya Namaskar

The complex of morning exercises Surya Namaskar, or the Greeting to the Sun, is one more very popular technology in yoga which is directed to strengthening (and maintenance) active vital power and health.


First of all, It should be noted that complex practice of the Greeting to the Sun develops a certain harmony between physical and internal state of the person, increases physical endurance, fills with force and clarity of reason, regulates normal functioning of nervous, digestive and visual systems.

Whether you know? The word yoga comes from the word yodzh (from the Sanskrit dictionary) which possesses extremely extensive semantic loading in total means both restraint, and interface, and tension, and a combination, and connection, and the union, and harmony, and service — not all variations are listed.

Regularly carrying out a certain sequence of asanas Surya Namaskar, you will achieve tremendous changes in an organism:

  • the hormonal background is normalized;
  • memory will improve;
  • lungs will be cleaned and breath is synchronized;
  • blood will be saturated with oxygen;
  • the organism will get rid of all harmful slags and excess of carbon dioxide;
  • press muscles will become stronger;
  • digestive system will earn trouble-free;
  • integuments will be cleaned;
  • all muscles of a body will become elastic;
  • peripheral blood circulation and functioning of a cardiac muscle will improve;
  • nervous system will become stronger;
  • excess weight will be lost;
  • there will be a self-confidence and a positive spirit for every day.

The yoga has a set of the directions among which there are a Hatha yoga, kaula-yoga, yoga-sutra, the kriyya-yogi, Kundalini, a prana yoga, yoga-challenge, Bhakti yoga, Fly yoga, an akroyoga.

Important remarks when performing

Before starting performance of asanas, it is necessary to take into account several key important comments concerning realization conceived, collected by skilled yogis for many years:

  1. The most important instruction in this practice, perhaps, is not to allow an overstrain or just tension in exercises. For performance of each pose it is necessary to make only small effort, only those corporal muscles which have to support the accepted position are involved. It is necessary to practise easily and easy, like dance moves, keeping internal energy.
  2. That in each position the body was as much as possible extended, it is necessary to watch more attentively a neck during exercises — its extension surely has to be carried out in a comfortable limit (forward or back), corresponding to the carried-out asana.
  3. Many people, having been engaged in practice, note that it is originally uncomfortable to them to pass from the 3rd position to the 4th, for simplification of this task it is necessary to make consecutive two receptions: in the first case to execute poses 1, 2, 3, 10, 11 and 12, in the second — to study going at numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Moving ahead thus, positions will be very simple to be connected and executed further.
  4. Performance of the 3rd and 10th poses provides full straightening of legs. At first it will hardly do, but very quickly necessary extension of muscles and sinews will be reached that will give the chance to execute an asana most correctly.
  5. Obligatory feature of performance of poses 4 and 9 is the contact of a surface of a floor with a knee of the extended leg, and foot of other leg for this time needs to be recorded between hands.
  6. In the 5th and 8th positions it is necessary to show aspiration to that heels reached a floor. Initially it is always a little difficult, but further practice will stretch knee tendons to the necessary state, and this movement will become completely feasible.
  7. Originally difficulties will be brought also by transition from the 5th to the 6th position, for simplification of a task it is possible to take such advice: bend knees in the 5th position, before contact with the earth so far. Then, having bent elbows, lower a trunk down, now before contact with a floor of a breast and chin — so the deflection of a backbone will be to the correct, providing buttocks elation necessary at present.

It is important! If difficulties are caused by all full series of exercises from 12 poses, try a little another, changed practice consisting of 9 positions. It consists in movements from the 1st pose to the 5th and back, again from the 8th to the 12th (the average pose of groups 6 and 7 is issued).

Preparation before practice performance

Creation of the correct atmosphere and spirit for practical training provides some preparation for occupations:

  1. Lay a sports rug so that to be located facing the sun — it will help to receive the correct energy when performing an asana.
  2. Transition from one asana to another needs to be carried out very smoothly and slowly — so you will manage to avoid short wind.
  3. Just before the beginning of performance it is necessary to rise exactly, with the legs closed together, and to press hands to hips — in such situation it is necessary to reflect quietly on greatness of the sun, on how its energy will warm and feed you with the force.

12 positions

The complex Surya Namaskar consists of 12 corporal provisions, smoothly and the ideal and uniform integrated effort making complete positive impact on an organism, all its bodies and systems and also on internal spiritual power, a condition and development of intellectual potential for beginners which are consistently replacing each other and in common creating to practice. Let's start performance:

  • The 1st pose of a greeting. Pranamasana — is directed to activation of the 3rd, solar chakra. Become straight standing, legs together, put hands as at a greeting to namasta and, having given to a backbone most straightened situation, stretch, directing the top up. The breath and a delay of breath on available (on physical capacity) has to follow you it deep (the stomach expanding a thorax and involving) time.

Important! The new breath is not taken directly after an exhalation as the following asana will begin with it.

  • The 2nd pose. Hasta of an uttanas. An essence — in a backbone progibaniye in its top part. Hands (with a breath) last up, and the back gradually caves in, accurately involving at the same time all body (after hands there is also a pulling). A neck in this exercise it is impossible to last in one of the directions.
  • The 3rd pose. Padakhastasana. The smooth front inclination becomes on an exhalation, the head seeks to get knees, the stomach reaches for hips (before touch). Palms or are put on a floor, or they cover legs. The key moment in this exercise — to touch knees with the head at the expense of the extended back.
  • The 4th pose of the rider. Ashva Sanchalasana. At a manual support on a floor you walk on the right back, putting foot on a sock, you lower a basin, you straighten a back and you last the head up. It perfectly strains an organism and stretches a press.
  • The 5th pose. Parvatasana. Here the step back (on an exhalation) is taken already at the left, as a result this leg is near right. The head goes down (between hands), the basin moves in an opposite direction. Heels it is necessary to try to reach the earth, and to give a breast to hips.
  • The 6th pose. Namaskar's Ashtanga. Manage to arrange yourself on a floor so that the contact was made in one stage in eight places (a chin, a breast and pair bodies: thumbs foot, knees, hands).
  • The 7th pose of a snake. Bkhudzhangasana. A deep general progibaniye lying on a floor (this time on a breath), movements of separate parts is as follows: from top to bottom is (basin), forward (breast), the lower emphasis (hands). Shoulders need to be straightened, and properly to bend a back.
  • The 8th pose. Parvatasana. Completely repeats the 5th position.
  • The 9th pose of the rider. Ashva Sanchalasana. Repeats the fourth position.
  • The 10th pose. Padakhastasana. Repeats the 3rd position.
  • The 11th pose. Hasta of an uttanas. Position No. 2.
  • The 12th pose of a greeting. Pranamasana. Position No. 1.

Beginners should try to execute two such circles at once, after the first — to take a small break for rest. When your body gets used to a full-fledged complex of the Greeting to the Sun, try to add two more additional circles. It is necessary to add circles until until their quantity exceeds 16.

For a bright example of occupations and the correct performance of asanas we recommend the popular training video for viewing:

Whether you know? The morning exercises of the American military consist of exercises of yoga. In the Russian Federation they were entered into structure of training of people in extreme professions: astronauts, submariners, rescuers and intelligence agents.


Privetstviya Solntsu's mantras play an important role in development of the internal sincere organization and achievement of higher level of mindfulness. They consist of replaceable sounds which are directed to praise of 12 solar manifestations. Mantras are said differently, not only aloud or in a whisper, and even mentally. Let's consider a cycle practicians Privetstviya (worship) of the Sun:

  1. Temple Mitraya (general friend).
  2. Hrim Ravaye (shining).
  3. Hrum Surya (inducing activity).
  4. Hraim Bkhanave (lighting up).
  5. Hraum Khagaya (moving through heaven).
  6. Hrakh Pushne (feeding and giving strength).
  7. Temple Hiranya Narbkhaya (golden personality (space embryo)).
  8. Hrim Marichaya (sunshine).
  9. Hrum Aditya (son Aditi).
  10. Hraim Savitri (stimulating force of the Sun).
  11. Hraum Arkaya (praiseworthy).
  12. Hrakh Bkhaskaraya (clarifying).

Learn as it is correct to say Ganesha's mantra, rest, har, Ohm, Ohm attract Padme khoum.

All solar mantras surely begin the word Ohm (the whole world, live and lifeless) and come to an end with Namakh's phrase.

The greeting to the Sun is the real panacea for busy city dwellers who constantly do not have time to carry out the exercises necessary for health and good health. The advantage of a practical training Surya Namaskar for a human body is indisputable, and occupations take in day at most 10 minutes, and if not to be lazy, it is possible to support healthy power in an organism and to keep clarity and openness of mind in any situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team